Measure twice and cut once

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When planning your new kitchen, it’s important to start with correct measurements. Whether you're measuring walls or ceilings, stick to the basics. Measure twice and cut once. When considering new appliances, the same can be said. Be sure of what you are getting. It’s important to confirm your clearances. Is the new appliance the same size [...]

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Finding the Right Custom Cabinetry in New Jersey

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  Are you a resident of New Jersey looking for some of the best custom cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom? Look no further than Solid Wood Cabinets. For many years, our business has been providing high-end selections at prices that you can afford. From Shaker-style selections to modern designs, we are confident that you’ll have [...]

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Best of House & Home 2016

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Press Release Levittown, PA – (October 27, 2016) –The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, one of the region’s largest kitchen cabinet retail chains, has been chosen as “Best of House & Home 2016” in the cabinet category. SWC offers many styles of 100% solid wood “factory direct” kitchen cabinets as well as custom and semi-custom cabinets in [...]

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The Move To Micro

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Tiny houses, tiny apartments, tiny everything fever is sweeping the country. When you only have 18 sqft or less of kitchen space to work with, creative storage is more than important. A simple googling of any combination of “tiny”, “home”, and “kitchen” will pull up 1000+ pinterest images of just what you would expect. The most [...]

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Greetings From The Stone Yard

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Recently we’ve teamed up with our newest distributers of granite and marble, Stone Tech, to provide our customers with the best possible selection of natural stone. Whether you prefer Granite or Marble these are the guys to talk to with hundreds of slabs of color choices on site as well as the machinery and man power [...]

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The Case for the Corbel

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If you are looking for a little flash in your perfect kitchen without going gaudy, we suggest the wooden corbel. In the simplest terms a corbel is a decorative structural support, but used for aesthetic purposes it can really bring a kitchen that extra little something. Before you go about sticking these lovely swirls all over [...]

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Flexible Kitchen Space

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Many customers come in that have homes with many small rooms and are very compartmentalized. Everyone these days is wanting a spacious, open feel to the floor plan that makes the house seem bigger and better to entertain in. In these attached pictures, you will see that this customer removed the wall between the dining room [...]

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A Custom Approach to Cabinetry

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With The Solid Wood Cabinet Company on your side, value, quality and speed ensure that you can have the kitchen of your dreams. The two biggest concerns for anyone considering a kitchen remodel are typically cost and time. With over one million cabinets built since 2002, The Solid Wood Cabinet Company’s superior products and streamlined process [...]

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Dove “Tales”

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Often overlooked by consumer’s interest in the aesthetics of a particular piece of fine furniture or cabinetry, the dovetail joint is the unsung hero; the wind beneath the dove’s wings, if you will; in what some believe to be the most important aspects of fine cabinet construction; function and durability. The axiom “Form follows function” was [...]

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When a New Kitchen Designer Builds Her Own Kitchen

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I lived without a working kitchen for over seven months. It wasn’t easy, and it’s not the norm for a kitchen remodel, but, at least I can relate to my customers when they complain about the inconvenience of being without a kitchen for a bit. Back in January of 2015, I bought a little old house, [...]

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