Here at Solid Wood Cabinets, we have a strong commitment to our loyal customers and keep an eye out for innovative ways to make our cabinet ordering process more simple, effective and straightforward. We offer two assembly options when you are purchasing kitchen cabinets from our warehouses. The options include kitchen cabinets which are already assembled or are ready to be assembled. The ready-to-assemble kitchens are designed by us in our Pennsylvania warehouse using parts purchased globally. We choose to offer the ability for customers to order pre-assembled cabinets from our US warehouse.

Our pre-assembled cabinets are ready to be installed as soon as they are delivered. They have already been assembled so that homeowners do not have to put them together on their own. Our assembled cabinets come with a lovely seamless finish because our expert assemblers use professional tools and top of the line machines for the process.

Many homeowners are wary about spending the money required to replace their kitchen cabinets during a remodel. We feel our solid wood kitchen cabinets are a great investment that can increase your home’s value if you decide to resell. While we offer affordable and discounted kitchen cabinet products, it does not mean that the quality has been sacrificed. Each piece we deliver is thoroughly inspected before it is shipped out.

You do not have to break the bank when you finally decide to renovate your kitchen. We have thousands of cabinets already stocked in our warehouses that are pre-assembled and ready to be shipped directly to you. We have eliminated the middleman to save our customers money on the purchase of their new cabinets. If you are wary about assembling the cabinets, consider some of our pre-assembled options that come ready to be placed.

For other homeowners, they don’t want to take the time to assemble the kitchen cabinets they purchase. If you do not have the right tools or the knowledge, you may end up damaging the cabinets while trying to install them. This worry is eliminated when you buy our pre-assembled cabinets and install them once your remodel has been completed.

We understand that some homeowners prefer to buy knockdown cabinets for their kitchen remodel because they think they are cheaper. We also understand that not everyone has the amount of time, patience and skill necessary to assemble the kitchen cabinets they order on their own without issues. If you are not sure you’ll have the ability to assemble your own kitchen cabinets, let the professionals here at Solid Wood Cabinets finish the hard work for you.

Our professional assemblers will make sure your cabinets are assembled expertly and durable. If you want to check out the products before you make your decision, come to one of our showrooms located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to look around. Aside from kitchen cabinets, we also have bathroom cabinets, vanities, and granite countertops to check out as well. Our factory direct prices mean you will save money and still get the highest quality products and services.