At The Solid Wood Cabinet Company we are committed to our customers and are always looking for innovative ways to make the ordering process simple and straightforward. The two options available when it comes to purchasing kitchen cabinets are assembled or ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets, which are designed by Solid Wood Cabinets in Pennsylvania with parts fabricated globally. Therefore, we have chosen to offer the option of ordering the cabinets preassembled in our US warehouse.

When purchasing assembled cabinetry, these cabinets are ready to be installed immediately after being delivered. The manufacturer has gone through the process of constructing the cabinets, therefore eliminating the need for homeowners to put the cabinets together themselves. With everything complete, the assembled cabinets have a beautiful seamless finish. When buying assembled kitchen cabinets from The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, our professionals are able to use the proper tools and machines necessary that will provide a pristine finish.

Don’t get discouraged when it comes to kitchen remodels because there is no doubt that remodeling will increase the value of your home, therefore also making it a great investment. At The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, we offer affordable and discounted products, however this does not mean we sacrifice quality. With both pre-assembled and RTA cabinetry you will find dovetailed drawers (on some lines) and the assurance of knowing each piece was hand inspected prior to shipment.

Deciding on finally going through with a kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be costly.  With over 100,000 cabinets in stock at our warehouse, our pre-assembled products ship directly to you eliminating any middle man which drives up the costs. If you simply have no time to spend putting ready to assemble cabinets together and you are nervous you won’t install them correctly, go with pre-assembled cabinets. This way they are delivered right to your front door without you having to worry about damaging anything during the construction process.

Although ordering cabinets knocked-down may be cheaper, we understand that not everyone has the time, patience or quite frankly, the skill to assemble their own cabinets. If you are unsure if you will be able to assemble your own cabinets, leave it to the professionals at The Solid Wood Cabinet Company to do the work for you, durably and expertly!