Why You Should Choose Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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via Choosing the right cabinets is a big, and often difficult decision. There are many styles, colors, and designs that could all stand out to you. The kitchen is the most heavily trafficked area of a home, and when you’re getting new kitchen cabinets, you want to make sure they’re appealing and eye-catching. [...]

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Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets: What You Need to Know

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via Pinterest One of the most popular wood materials for cabinets in recent years is the cherry kitchen cabinet. Remodeling the kitchen starts with the cabinets, and we’re telling you everything you need to know about cherry wood kitchen cabinets. These discount kitchen cabinets have been a standard for years, but they’ve never gone [...]

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How to Determine the Quality of a Kitchen Cabinet

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When you’re planning on remodeling the kitchen, the first two things you think about are the countertops and cabinets. While vanities can help transform the look of your kitchen, it’s the cabinets that will be tested over time. In this sense, you need to make sure that you’re purchasing quality kitchen cabinets. You have to [...]

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Greetings From The Stone Yard

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Recently we’ve teamed up with our newest distributers of granite and marble, Stone Tech, to provide our customers with the best possible selection of natural stone. Whether you prefer Granite or Marble these are the guys to talk to with hundreds of slabs of color choices on site as well as the machinery and man power [...]

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The Case for the Corbel

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If you are looking for a little flash in your perfect kitchen without going gaudy, we suggest the wooden corbel. In the simplest terms a corbel is a decorative structural support, but used for aesthetic purposes it can really bring a kitchen that extra little something. Before you go about sticking these lovely swirls all over [...]

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Dove “Tales”

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Often overlooked by consumer’s interest in the aesthetics of a particular piece of fine furniture or cabinetry, the dovetail joint is the unsung hero; the wind beneath the dove’s wings, if you will; in what some believe to be the most important aspects of fine cabinet construction; function and durability. The axiom “Form follows function” was [...]

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