3 Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Watch in 2018

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Are you starting to plan home remodeling projects for 2018? Are new kitchen cabinets on the list? As you have discussions and think about the best ways to get discount kitchen cabinets that have appeal in your home, learn about what’s currently trending and the styles and designs that will have popularity throughout 2018. From modern [...]

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Decorative Handles Options for the Holiday Season

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As the holiday season approaches and you’re getting ready to host friends and family, you’re probably looking for unique ways to upgrade the kitchen. When you’re not looking for a full remodel effort as the holidays approach, there are other ways you can make your kitchen pop. A great complement to all kitchen cabinets are the [...]

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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinets

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via Houzz When it comes to cabinets, you face a tough decision. There are so many options and styles that can really transform the look and feel of your kitchen. As you decide to remodel your kitchen, you can choose solid wood discount cabinetry or custom designed cabinets that are a little more [...]

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How a Kitchen Cabinet Showroom is Like Buying a New Car

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Shopping for new kitchen cabinets is a lot like shopping a new car. You want to make sure they feel right in your home, fit nicely with the décor, and help ensure your comfort. Instead of walking or browsing the dealer lot, you’re navigating through a kitchen cabinet showroom. There are a myriad of options. [...]

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Measure twice and cut once

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When planning your new kitchen, it’s important to start with correct measurements. Whether you're measuring walls or ceilings, stick to the basics. Measure twice and cut once. When considering new appliances, the same can be said. Be sure of what you are getting. It’s important to confirm your clearances. Is the new appliance the same size [...]

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Finding the Right Custom Cabinetry in New Jersey

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  Are you a resident of New Jersey looking for some of the best custom cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom? Look no further than Solid Wood Cabinets. For many years, our business has been providing high-end selections at prices that you can afford. From Shaker-style selections to modern designs, we are confident that you’ll have [...]

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When a New Kitchen Designer Builds Her Own Kitchen

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I lived without a working kitchen for over seven months. It wasn’t easy, and it’s not the norm for a kitchen remodel, but, at least I can relate to my customers when they complain about the inconvenience of being without a kitchen for a bit. Back in January of 2015, I bought a little old house, [...]

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What Do The Different Levels of Granite Mean?

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Whenever I have customers come in looking to upgrade their kitchen, they always ask me a ton of questions about the variety for granites we offer. The most common misconception I come across is that higher cost means it must be a higher quality. The common question I get is “If the granite is more expensive, [...]

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What are our options?

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One of the most often questions I receive is about corner cabinets. What are our options? In my research I have come to realize that we sell 2 size Lazy Susan cabinets. One is 33” and the other is 36”, but both have the same size lazy susan in them. We carry a standard size 28” [...]

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The Kitchen Measurement Guide

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Hello Everyone! Having a background of general contracting and kitchen design of almost 15 years, I have seen clients bring measurements for their kitchen on everything from napkins to full architectural plans. Now unless you are a building from the floor up or doing an addition you will most likely not have architectural plans for your [...]

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