Dove “Tales”

//Dove “Tales”

Dove “Tales”

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Often overlooked by consumer’s interest in the aesthetics of a particular piece of fine furniture or cabinetry, the dovetail joint is the unsung hero; the wind beneath the dove’s wings, if you will; in what some believe to be the most important aspects of fine cabinet construction; function and durability.

The axiom “Form follows function” was made famous by renowned architect Louis Sullivan. If you thought it was the other renowned architect, you were Frank Lloyd Wright (Wrong!). Frank Lloyd Wright worked for Sullivan and modified the mantra of it’s time to “form and function are one”, which has become a much more balanced approach in modern architecture as well as cabinet construction.

under-mounted drawer glides

As far as durability is concerned, the dovetail joint probably pre-dates written history dating back to ancient Egypt. Archaeologists have discovered examples of the dovetail joint in furniture entombed with mummies from the First Dynasty! How’s that for standing the test of time?

To ensure that you get a lifetime of durability and superb function, your Solid Wood Cabinets drawer boxes are constructed with this tried and true method. Combine this with our heavy duty under-mounted drawer glides and soft-close feature, our cabinets are not only beautiful, they’re solid; Solid Wood Cabinets.

– Peggy Reese
Moorestown, NJ Showroom

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