Flexible Kitchen Space

//Flexible Kitchen Space

Flexible Kitchen Space

Many customers come in that have homes with many small rooms and are very compartmentalized. Everyone these days is wanting a spacious, open feel to the floor plan that makes the house seem bigger and better to entertain in. In these attached pictures, you will see that this customer removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen and was able to add a peninsula that they could put a couple of bar stools. Whether it is an intimate night cooking at home talking and having a drink with the person making dinner or helping to cook OR having a big family dinner that you need to have the food accessible to everyone, this design is perfect and makes the space more flexible.

Most contractors can tell you if a wall needs to have support beams or columns if you want to remove it. Also, it is not usually as expensive as people think it is. If no plumbing lines need to be removed and not much electrical work needs upgraded or changed, removing a wall and adding an island or peninsula adds much value to your home.

I always look forward to appointments in the home to see how we can not only update the look of the kitchen, but bring the floor plan to life!

before and after kitchen

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