Devon Raised

Devon Recessed

Park Avenue Raised

Park Avenue Shaker

Rittenhouse Raised

Rittenhouse Shaker

Chestnut Recessed

Chestnut Shaker

Society Hill Raised

Society Hill Raised Squared Edge

Society Hill Shaker

Manayunk Light Gray Shaker

Beach Haven Raised

Beach Haven Shaker

Beach Haven Beadboard

Fairmount Dark Gray Shaker

Cherry Hill Raised

Cherry Hill Shaker

Princeton Stained Gray Shaker

Solid wood kitchen cabinets are a wonderful way to improve any kitchen. Our business offers exceptional kitchen cabinets in New Jersey and Pennsylvania [1], including raised panel, Shaker-style, and modern designs at a price that you won’t find from other businesses. You can come to our locations to check out our wide selection of kitchen cabinets or look online and then visit one of our showrooms to discuss selecting some of the best kitchen cabinets for your home.

When you buy our solid wood cabinets from our Pennsylvania and New Jersey showrooms, you can rest assured that you are purchasing high-end selections that will last a lifetime. Furthermore, we offer factory-direct kitchen cabinets in our New Jersey and Pennsylvania showrooms [1], which means you will save money, as we have cut out the middle man.

With The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, you will have cabinets that are made from solid wood and are constructed from the highest quality woods available on the market!  In addition, all of our solid wood cabinets are KCMA certified (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) and are fully stocked in each of our US warehousing and assembly facilities!

Make sure to browse through our website and take a look at all of the solid wood kitchen cabinets we have to offer at every one of our locations!

Why You Should Choose The Solid Wood Cabinet Company:

Simply put, we offer nothing but high-quality products and services.  Our expert teams of designers specialize in creating a rare mix of beautiful, durable, and distinct solid wood kitchen cabinets that many clients (either current or potential) should expect from such an established solid wood cabinet company in PA and NJ!

We rise above our competitors by offering unique and high-quality solid wood cabinets for not only kitchens, but also bathroom vanity cabinets! Any potential customer can choose from our limitless amount of kitchen cabinet options that will distinguish his or her home for years to come!

“Looking for something specific? Check out our kitchen cabinet styles either on our website, or in one of our state-of-the-art showrooms in PA and NJ!”

Some Kitchen Cabinet Options We Offer Are:

  1. Devon Raised (Cream)
  2. Devon Recessed (Cream)
  3. Society Hill Raised (Mocha)
  4. Society Hill Raised Squared Edge (Mocha)
  5. Society Hill Shaker (Mocha)
  6. Beach Haven Raised (Bright White)
  7. Beach Haven Shaker (Bright White)
  8. Beach Haven Beadboard (Bright White)
  9. Rittenhouse Raised (Dark Chocolate)
  10. Rittenhouse Shaker (Dark Chocolate)
  11. Park Avenue Raised (Honey Maple)
  12. Park Avenue Shaker (Honey Maple)
  13. Chestnut Avalon Recessed (Chestnut)
  14. Chestnut Avalon Shaker (Chestnut)
  15. Cherry Hill Raised (Cherry)
  16. Cherry Hill Shaker (Cherry)
  17. Manayunk Shaker (Light Gray)
  18. Fairmount Shaker (Dark Gray)

With The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, we guarantee you that we will be there to guide you from the design to delivery of your new kitchen cabinets!