devon raised

Devon Cream Raised Panel

devon recessed

Devon Cream Recessed Panel

chestnut avalon raised panel full overlay

Chestnut Avalon Raised Panel Full Overlay


Princeton Stained Gray Shaker

manayunk light gray raised

Manayunk Light Gray Raised Panel

manayunk light gray shaker

Manayunk Light Gray Shaker

ventnor raised

Ventnor White Raised Panel

ventnor shaker white

Ventnor White Shaker

beach haven raised

Beach Haven Bright White Raised Panel

beach haven shaker

Beach Haven Bright White Shaker

fairmount dark gray

Fairmount Dark Gray Shaker


Kensington Espresso Shaker

cherry hill raised

Cherry Hill Raised Panel

cherry hill shaker

Cherry Hill Shaker


Haddonfield Vintage White Raised Panel


Haddonfield Vintage White Shaker

society hill raised

Society Hill Mocha Raised Panel

society hill shaker

Society Hill Mocha Shaker

Whether you are picking out cabinets for your new home or are having your current home remodeled, solid wood cabinets for your kitchen are a great option. Here at Solid Wood Cabinets, we offer a variety of amazing kitchen cabinet options in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Some of our options include shaker-style, raised panel and other modern designs at prices that will make you happy and cannot be found from other local cabinet companies.

Seeing our cabinet options online does not compare to seeing them in person, so make a plan to come into one of our locations today to view our wide selection of cabinets for your kitchen. Likewise, you may still check out our selection online before you visit one of our showrooms. We are happy to discuss with you the options you are considering and help you find the best cabinets for your kitchen.

When you visit one of our New Jersey or Pennsylvania showrooms, you can be sure that you are going to be finding some of the best solid wood cabinets available on the market. Our high-end selections will last a lifetime when taken care of properly. Additionally, our kitchen cabinets are factory direct from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This means the middleman will be cut out and you can save money on your purchase.

Here at Solid Wood Cabinets, you can rest assured all our kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood and are expertly constructed using the highest quality wood found on the market today. Additionally, each of our wood cabinetry is certified by the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Association). Each of our warehouses and assembly facilities in the United States is fully stocked with our products.

Check out what we have to offer by browsing through our website. Everything you see is available at each of our warehouse locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Why Buy Kitchen Cabinets from Solid Wood Cabinets:

We pride ourselves in only offering our customers the highest quality services and products. We have a team of expert designers who specialize in creating a unique mix of durable, distinct and beautiful solid wood cabinets. Our current and potential clients can rely on us as an established and reputable company of solid wood cabinets in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania!

We beat out the competition by offering rare and high-quality cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms. Potential customers may browse our entire collection and find the right cabinets for their home at a price that can’t be beaten! If you are in the market for a specific type of solid wood cabinet, visit our showroom or speak with a representative.

Some of the solid wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets we offer include:

  • Devon Recessed Panel in Cream
  • Devon Raised Panel in Cream
  • Society Hill Raised Panel in Mocha
  • Society Hill Shaker in Mocha
  • Beach Haven Raised Panel in Bright White
  • Beach Haven Shaker in Bright White
  • Chestnut Avalon Raised Panel Full Overlay in Chestnut
  • Cherry Hill Shaker in Cherry
  • Cherry Hill Raised Panel in Cherry
  • Fairmount Shaker in Dark Gray
  • Manayunk Shaker in Light Gray
  • Manayunk Raised Panel in Light Gray
  • Princeton Shaker in Stained Gray
  • Ventnor Raised Panel in White
  • Ventnor Shaker in White
  • Haddonfield Raised Panel in Antique White
  • Haddonfiled Shaker in Antique White
  • Kensington Shaker in Espresso

Our company guarantee is that we will guide you through the process of purchasing your cabinets to their delivery to ensure you are pleased with your new solid wood cabinets!