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The Park Avenue Shaker style has a very attractive honey pale stain on the door that people absolutely love. The reason customers love these kitchen cabinets from Pennsylvania and New Jersey so much is because of the combination of both durability and beauty. The Park Avenue Shaker line of Pennsylvania and New Jersey cabinets is constructed from some of the finest wood and includes features such as full-extension drawers and stainless steel glides. We offer a variety of crown moldings and glass doors to compliment the Park Avenue Shaker. Additionally, we stain the interior to match the doors and frames. When you think of Park Avenue Shaker, you think of durability and functionality. When you need kitchen cabinets in Harrisburg, PA, Paramus, NJ or anywhere in between, we have you covered.


  • All wood construction (no particleboard, no MDF)
  • Each piece of wood is hand selected and inspected for quality control
  • Standard/partial overlay doors and drawers
  • Finished with an attractive golden honey stain
  • Face Frames: 1 5/8” x 3/4“ solid wood stiles and rails
  • Box Construction: 1/2” Grade A plywood with front to rear strength stiles
  • Shelves: 3/4” Grade A plywood
  • Doors: solid wood, 5-piece, engineered wood center panel, standard overlay
  • Drawer Fronts: solid wood, slab, standard overlay
  • Drawer Glides: ball-bearing stainless steel side-mount glides (150lb load capacity)
  • Drawer Boxes: 5/8” pre-finished solid wood sides, 3/8″ Grade A plywood bottom
  • Hinges: fully concealed, European style, 6 way adjustable hinges
  • Interior: finished and stained to match
  • Exposed Sides: stained to match
  • Backs: 1/2” framed Grade A plywood with an additional 1/2” reinforced upper rail for installation
  • Toe Kick: finished, 3/8” Grade A plywood
  • Mounts: metal rear ‘L’ bracket drawer glide mounts

For kitchens that do not get a lot of natural sun light or are looking for a more natural wood look, the golden honey color of these kitchen cabinets from Pennsylvania and New Jersey is ideal. As the highest quality kitchen cabinet and the most affordable price, you don’t need to look any further then the Park Avenue Shaker honey maple Pennsylvania and New Jersey cabinets. Not only are they build from sturdy and hard wearing superior wood, this honey maple cabinet is stylish and extremely high quality. If you’re looking for low price but high quality, you should buy these cabinets. If you like this cabinet but perhaps not the Shaker style, check out our Park Avenue Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets at our showroom!

Why is the Park Avenue Shaker such a popular choice at Solid Wood Cabinets? There are two reasons; the color has been a cabinet standard within the industry for years and it is the most affordable. The honey maple stain on the shaker style cabinet is absolutely beautiful and very durable. The neutral color of the Park Avenue shaker can put put together with any décor choice. SWC uses heavy-duty box construction hinges, front to rear strength stiles and 6-way adjustable European hinges – and those are just a few of the highlights. As is standard with many Solid Wood Cabinet’s line, the interior is staine-to-match the exterior. Although many companies do not do this because it costs more money, believe there is no price on quality and professionalism. It is not a very appealing look in a kitchen to see glass doors on a kitchen cabinet where the interior is unfinished. Still having trouble deciding? Order a sample door!

*Limit 1 cabinet style per customer. $15 deposit (Will be refunded at time of order).