In the past decade, ready-to-assemble cabinets, more commonly recognized by its acronym of RTA cabinets, have been steadily gaining popularity.
RTA cabinets are regular kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity cabinets that are shipped unassembled. They are available in standard cabinet sizes with a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from.

Superior cabinets call for superior measures. Our cabinets feature solid wood construction, European-style and adjustable hinges,finished sides and the majority of our cabinet collections have dovetailed and soft-closing drawers, among many others.

All of our products are designed by Solid Wood Cabinets in Pennsylvania with parts fabricated globally.

The assembly is relatively simple as they are grooved and pre-drilled wherever necessary. All that is needed for assembly is a screwdriver.

The obvious question is if custom cabinets are the same quality as RTA cabinets why would you opt for the latter? Answer? Simple. The price.

Our RTA cabinets can be up to 50% less than custom cabinets and look identical!
We work hard to compete in the upscale kitchen market. We offer many decorative pieces, such as wine racks, shelving units and desk cabinets are available as well as various sizes of crown molding, furniture base molding, turnposts, spindles, fluted fillers, glass doors and decorative overlays. They are all standard stock items that are offered to match the cabinet style of your choice.
Storage solutions such as drawer bases, lazy susans, soap tip-outs, trash pullouts, and rollout trays are offered as well.

Wait, it gets better. Our RTA cabinets are shipped in flat boxes which takes up minimal storage space, not to mention the low shipping cost. All cabinets are in stock in the US and ready to ship within 1 week. No more paying your contractor for days that he can’t do any work due to backordered items. Or how about when a project gets delayed and the cabinets are already ordered? Instead of canceling and reordering, our RTA cabinets can easily be stored in a storage room or garage until they are needed.

With all the luxury features at a low cost, it is no wonder that our RTA cabinets generate a superior reputation among homeowners and contractors alike. However you look at it, functionality, aesthetically or durability, our RTA cabinets can work for you.

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