The Case for the Corbel

//The Case for the Corbel

The Case for the Corbel

If you are looking for a little flash in your perfect kitchen without going gaudy, we suggest the wooden corbel. In the simplest terms a corbel is a decorative structural support, but used for aesthetic purposes it can really bring a kitchen that extra little something. Before you go about sticking these lovely swirls all over the place we have a few suggestions for you.

The Island Addition

Whether you decide you’d like two to create a little stool nook or four for balance, corbels are classic around your kitchen island. As stated above they can give the illusion of a separate space for seating at your island. If you happen to have a more functional friendly island that you use as a prep space one on each corner can give direction to an area otherwise floating in space.

Shelf Support

Design your kitchen with a few floating shelves to hold your knick-knacks can look a little out of place, especially with a classic styled cabinet. Add a few corbels beneath and suddenly you have a much more substantial visual space that blends in seamlessly with those raised panel doors.

Sink or Stove

Wood hoods are absolutely beautiful but can be abrupt when jutting out from your cabinets. The same can be said for that smaller cabinet that floats above your sink. A few well-placed corbels can make the transition seamless creating visual flow from the sharp angles of cabinet corners down or up to the next cabinet.

Just Because

We understand, sometimes you just want something lovely to look at. If done correctly a few corbels sprinkled into the molding section can give you the feel of Greco Roman architecture in your very own kitchen. Below: The white on white widely spaced corbels feel like columns leading into the pantry. If you want to add even more try some decorative overlays in the spaces between corbels for a more textured look.

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